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Interactive shows and workshops in schools

Baratanga is a leader in entertainment, shows and workshops in schools. Baratanga presents annually more than 450 shows in schools or workshops in Quebec and all over Canada. All school productions are produced and designed by Louis-Daniel Joly in order to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

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BaraTelier  Percussion workshops for all grade levels.

highly interactive activity that will enable children to enjoy percussion instruments and rhythmical games, in addition to seeing their creativity and the social skills stimulated.
A facilitator/moderator will guide the participants to get a musical cohesion through activities and games. Dozens of different percussion instruments will be used to allow a greater variety of sound and a larger group musicality.
Developed skills: creativity, improvisation, interpretation, musicality, appreciation and listening. Developed values: respect for others, listening, cooperation, humor and altruism.
Give your students the opportunity of playing music as a percussion ensemble at your school!

Number of participants: from 10 to 200

Duration: From 30 to 90 minutes



Target audience: 4 years and up
Description: A show specifically designed for schools. Two artists offer an unusual musical journey around the world based on musical discoveries and humor.
Styles: electronic, South American, Australian, Brazilian, hip-hop, jazz.
Number of artists: 2
Main artists: Blaise Margail and Maxime Éthier
Staging: Mélanie Charest and Louis-Daniel Joly
Duration: 55 minutes



Target audience: 4 years and up
Description: Let your students discover the richness of African culture. A percussion and dance show that is highly interactive and festive.
Musical styles: West Africa
Number of artists: from 2 to 8 depending on the number of spectators.
Staging: Olivier Landry, Loui -Daniel Joly and Benjamin Landry
Duration: 55 minutes

Louis-Daniel Joly is certified and part of the « Culture à l’école – MELS » program.
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Ideal for bringing a dynamic ambiance to your school, Baratanga’s parades will bring great energy and happiness to your school yard. Rates based on performance time and number of artists requested.img_5290



Baratanga educational