Baratanga for businesses

Activities specially designed for businesses

Baratanga Productions can offer you many shows, animations and team building activities specially designed for business such as:

Artistic productions and team building activities design is headed by LouisDaniel Joly, former artist and coach of the Cirque du Soleil and holder of a M.M.E.S. of HEC Montreal.

Team Building with percussion instruments

Baratanga’s team activity seeks to facilitate the connection between members within a group in a different and dynamic way. No musical experience is required to participate and they are for every team member with, or without rhythm! Baratanga’s team activity is composed with  series of game modules and activities held in a safe and noncompetitive environment where respect is encouraged in order to allow everyone to express themselves freely.

You have specific goals to bring out during the course? Just ask us and we will designed specific modules for yours needs.


Baratanga’s team building activity is designed to:

  • Get acquainted with your new work team (icebreaker).
  • To decrease the tensions.
  • To create an interaction between the members of different departments.
  • To stimulate creativity and to think outside the box
  • Encourage participatory leadership.
  • Reward the effort.
  • Recognize the group’s identity.

Video (in french):Baratanga Entreprises – Team Building: Our Team building percussion workshops.


Special events

One of Baratanga’s biggest ability is to produce shows and entertainment tailored and adapted to the reality of your event. Whether for small or very large events, Baratanga will find the concept that will enhance your event.
The largest companies from here or elsewhere retain our services in order to produce shows and animations up to their standards of excellence such as ESSO, Heritage Canada, the Quebec games and Montreal’s Canadien to name a few.

Percussion animations

Baratanga is composed with more than 50 percussionists and artists who can create animations for your event. Our mobile animations can be used for leading your participants from one room to another, for a product launch or to just to present a short performance before a speech for exemple. Baratanga will discuss with you the ideal concept that meets your needs.

KEKAN – As if your company was on stage!

KEKAN – As if your company was on stage!

It is with great pleasure that we present you to our unique percussion show in Quebec, KEKAN as if your company was on stage!
Based on a unique and original concept, KEKAN  will prove to be unforgettable for your customers, colleagues and employees!
This high energy percussion show is about you, your team and your brand. Designed solely with your products, your tools and your clothing, Baratanga’s percussionnists will produce an exclusive and amazing performance while remaining totally anonymous to allow YOU to shine in the spotlight!
Designed to ensure a ‘WOW’ effect to your party, KEKAN will put YOUR BRAND at the center of a unique show.
KEKAN show was held by the following clients:
  • Le Canadien de Montréal
  • Les Grues Guay
  • Cascades
  • Garant
  • Desjardins
  • Pompiers de Laval
  • ESSO
  • Le Groupe Harnois
  • Assurance mutuelle des motards de France
  • Lassonde
  • Agri-Marché
  • Les Maisons Laprise
  • Et plusieurs autres

Video: KEKAN, as if your company was on stage!



Baratanga for businesses