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Percussion and dance workshops adapted for COVID19

Percussion workshops, dance workshops and BaraTambours show adapted to COVID19

Ideal for day camps!

Baratanga offers activities in compliance with the distancing measures and disinfection standards recommended by Public Health.

Smaller groups, compulsory hand washing stations as well as disinfection using products and processes approved by public health.

All of these measures make it possible to safely present some of our workshops.

Percussion workshop: young people will be invited to participate in several types of games and modules based on rhythm and percussion.
Dance workshop: young people will be encouraged to move and dance by participating in an African dance choreography.

Percussion workshop: group of 20 participants // Duration between 30 and 40 minutes // Indoor or outdoor

Dance workshop: group of 30 participants // Duration between 30 and 40 minutes // Indoor or outdoor

BaraTambours show in attendance: group of 100 participants // 
Duration of 50 to 60 minutes // Indoor or outdoor
*** we offer the possibility of making 2 performances of
25 minutes instead of one to reduce the number of spectators

BaraTambours show in broadcast virtual: A 24-hour Youtube
private link that you can use the number of times you want during
this 24-hour period // Need a screen and a good sound system

More than 130 already booked for this summer!

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