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General questions

How many artists do you have on your team?

Baratanga includes more than 55 artists, technicians and specialists that are EXCELLENT!


Are your school shows suitable for all ages and levels?

Yes, Baratanga offers shows and workshops for all types and levels.


Our festival is looking for a show for the whole family, do you have any?

Yes, visit the Festival section, you will find several productions specially designed for your festival-goers!


I would love to learn how to facilitate drum circles, is it possible?

Nothing is impossible! Several of our Baratanga and VMC training courses will give you the tools, techniques and knowledge to facilitate events yourself.

The training courses are suitable for all levels.

When will the next training be?

Write to us and depending on the training sought, we will notify you of availability


Do you offer activities for day camps in 2020 (COVID)?

Yes, we have taken public health measures very seriously and have produced workshops that respect them.

As of June 25, we already have more than 130 activities planned in the day camps.

Visit the Municipal section to find out!