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Team building

Team building

Reconnect with your work team in a fun and safe way!

Baratanga's team development activity aims to facilitate the connection between group members in a different and dynamic way.

Creating an opportunity to come together for a common goal of playing music allows everyone to experience a UNIQUE and memorable opportunity and leave behind you the hassle to surrender to the present moment.

No musical experience is required to participate and have fun!

Baratanga's team development activity is a succession of modules of games, facilitated and held in a safe and non-competitive environment, or the respect is encouraged to allow everyone to express themselves freely.

Do you have specific objectives to highlight during the process?

By our expertise, we will conduct the activity to reach your training goal.

Our team building activities can be eligible for Quebec Bill 90 or better known as the "1%" Bill.

From 10 to 250 participants // Duration from 1 to 3 hours

Promote and develop your team!

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