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Vision / Objectives / Values


Aspiring to be the leading percussion company in show production, workshops presentation, entertainment here and elsewhere.


  • Thrive: Continue to thrive on the cultural scene through our professionalism and the top quality of our productions
  • Entertain: Offer productions and experiences focused primarily on the spectators and participants experience.
  • Satisfy: Always achieve and strive to exceed the objectives of our customers and our Partners
  • Manage: To always lead and manage the company with the highest industry standards in event production
  • Interact: Always put the emphasis on entertaining interactions
  • Memories: Having as objective continues to create lasting memories for spectators and participants


  • Overachieving : Always offer productions beyond the expectations of customers and partners
  • Respect: Always place at the center of our actions the greatest respect towards our customers, spectators and everyone in any production.
  • Integrity: Always demonstrate of the utmost integrity in everything we do
  • Professionalism: That all members of the company behave in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism
  • Innovation: Maintain our position of innovator in production of shows and workshops percussion here and elsewhere

Our team

Our team is made up of the best percussion artists in Quebec and they all have been selected according to the highest criteria of excellence and professionalism. All members and freelancers of Baratanga have for code of conduct respect, punctuality, collaboration, professionalism and excellence.

Louis-Daniel Joly

Our founder

Louis-Daniel Joly is one of only two Canadians in the world to have obtained the certification of "International Trainer in Facilitation of Percussion Circles" from VMC (Village Music Circles) founded by Mr. Arthur Hull. He is recognized here and elsewhere as someone who masters both business management and the artistic aspect of production.

He began his career as a percussionist in the late 1980s and in 1998 he became the first graduate in Quebec to obtain a baccalaureate in Latin and popular percussion from UQÀM.

Following a national career as a freelancer, he entered Cirque du Soleil in 2000 where he gave a series of 2300 shows as an artist-musician. In 2008 he obtained the title of "International Drum Circle Facilitator ", certification awarded by REMO Inc., one of the most important companies in the percussion industry and will follow the creation of his company: Productions Baratanga. Since 2007, he has presented hundred of conferences and training sessions for corporate and educational customers.

Having produced more than a hundred team building activities, he is increasingly called upon to present team-building workshops as an expert-facilitator for Canadian companies.

Graduate with a master's degree in management of cultural industries from HEC Montréal, he is able to understand business managers and respond effectively to their needs.

Louis-Daniel is also a teacher at Cégep de Drummondville in the sound technology department for career management, entrepreneurship and marketing.